April Favorites: 14 Elegant Minimal Pieces for Spring

Spring is fully here in Tennessee. The leaves are unfurling from their buds, the the heat and air conditioning are off, the windows are open… and the birds are chirping far too early in the morning (I love you after 9am, birds). It’s the time of year when the inside feels exactly like the outside.

I’ve also made a big change this month– I’m going car-free. DANG.

This is a scary move. Car is king in the South, but change is coming. After my car broke down this January, I started taking public transit, and I never wanted to look back. I’ve decided to make the leap.

I hear this a lot: You can’t live car-free in Nashville. But my own experience tells me that I can, and that I’ve even saved money doing so. I might be able to live how I really want to.

So why not try? Life’s a little bit of a game, right? I’ll let you know if it works. One way to find out…

  1. Crescent necklace handmade
  2. Calico French clip | similar in a double pack here
  3. Sweater Tank | similar here for less
  4. Packable straw hat
  5. Natural beeswax stubby candle handmade
  6. French straw backpack handmade
  7. Pleated trousers conscious brand| similar here handmade | similar here handmade for less
  8. Earrings handmade| similar here in a dangly version
  9. Silk sleep set conscious brand
  10. Takazawa candles handmade
  11. Everyday Oil handmade| unscented blend here
  12. Turkish Sabah babas handmade
  13. Woven tote on sale
  14. Minimal watch | similar here in brown for less

My favorite things this month are all about the details.

Clothes in a simple color but with zing: a waist pleat, a knit fabric, a happy pocket at my side.

A hair accessory that looks like a caramel dessert.

A watch that tells the time without pulling out a phone.

A Japanese candle.

A necklace made by a friend.

A backpack that suggests gathering branches from the neighbor’s flowering trees.

A Turkish slipper that’s also a shoe.

All I can really say is that each of these favorites represents a change that I want to make in my life: more candle-light, more late-night walks with garden shears, more watches and less phones. It’s a dream and an aspiration. And that’s where change starts.


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leaf photo by photographer Jared Fowler – go find his beautiful work!

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